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Gorilla Safaris, unforgettable experience for honey moon vacation

When you start to plan your next great honey moon vacation you will find that there are many available and it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you but the gorilla trekking experience in the wilderness is much lovely. The safaris go to several different locations all over Africa, each providing a completely different experience than the other. Because the trip to the gorillas is often as important as the gorillas themselves each and every new location can provide you and your family with an entirely different experience. So even if you have been on a gorilla safari before, you can still go on another one without having to worry about being bored during the trip. The next hard decision to make is how long you want to stay out. You have a variety of choices. You could take a quick 3 day trekking the gorillas, or you could stay 6 days or more and get a really good feel of how they live and see lots of amazing sights along the way. No matter what you choose, you will have an amazing adventure on any the gorilla safaris.

Last year I had my interesting Uganda gorilla trekking experience with my agent Active Uganda safaris which quoted me at the pocket price, Willy who was my tour reservation made my trip awesome, after quoting for me with the friendly price he went ahead and arranged for us the accommodation facilities and Buhoma lodge was so perfect that is set in the positioned area with view of the impenetrable forest and it blends with nature, the services were perfect, the rooms and bedding was so fancy, so for our next trip to Uganda Buhoma lodge is our home vacation.

Not forgetting, we were allocated to the Habinyanja gorilla group and walked few hours we meet the gorillas and we meet them our guide Atwine told us to lower down our voices, stay un-scared and look inferior in front of the gorillas as they take themselves to be the ferior in their mist! We took unforgettable photographs, videos and none other than interesting the juvenile gorillas in their mist.

For this experience to be unforgettable move on with the rain gears for protecting your cameras from rain as it is not easily to predict when it will rain, any time it can as the rain attitudes at this forest are hundred percent to rain any time,  walking shoes, hut, sun screen, insect repellent, cameras, warm and light clothes.

It was my dream to roam free in the untamed wilderness of Uganda. I spent all my savings on this trip of a lifetime. I have absolutely no regrets it brought me up close and personal with some great primates. Even though I had to spend my savings I still feel that Gorilla trekking safaris offered me great value for the money. Our guide, Amos had a vast knowledge of the area, gorillas and the people like the Batwa once the forest dweller. This tour is completely customizable and is available all around the year which makes it very convenient. They offered me high end prompt service in there beautiful lodges and the great safari land cruiser, comprehensive insurance and we were safe on our way for gorilla trekking safari.

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