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Best Gorilla Tracking Adventures in Africa

The world is filled with different activities that one can enjoy from rafting to hiking to wildlife viewing to beach sports to cruises but the most important activity while on a Uganda safari adventure is gorilla tracking. This is a very interesting, captivating, memorable and thrilling activity, which requires one to travel thousands and thousands of miles from what is familiar and known to them to the unknown. One leaves behind civilization and enters a whole new world right found deep in the gigantic misty impenetrable rain forests. A whole new world where only jungle laws are applied by a giant sliver back I each group.

Although Uganda has 400 mountain gorillas, these are found in the famously, “impenetrable forest” Which protects an estimated population of 400 mountain gorillas – roughly half of the world’s population.

However not all of the 400 mountain gorillas are habituated as only 135 mountain gorillas can be tracked and a found in 11 groups, each led by a sliver back. Gorilla tracking Uganda is an exhausting experience and one should be fit to enjoy it with strong walking shoes that are recommended.

Anyone with signs of communicable diseases like flue, cough or other air-borne diseases is not being allowed to track. The reporting at the park for tracking is 0600 or even before for the groups that are going to track. Before entering the forest, everyone is first briefed about the DO’s and the Don’ts while around the gorillas. The maximum carrying capacity for each tracking group is 8 people but a group can have less.

Guides will accompany groups but no porters are available to carry personal belongings. While possession of a gorilla permit is a guarantee of tracking, it cannot be a guarantee of sighting. But the chance of sighting are high – 95% or more. Maximum time allowed with the gorillas is one hour at a minimum distance of 7 meters. Minimum age for tracking is fifteen years old.  While tracking one will have packed lunch since the tracking time is unpredictable and it can even go on up to 8 or more hours while still looking for the giants.

In this Gorilla wilderness, it rains often unexpectedly so bring along, a lightweight rain jacket or poncho, a warm jacket, a long-sleeved shirt and trousers, leather gardening-type gloves, sunscreen, cap or sun hat, insect repellent, sunglasses comfortable day pack for carrying water and minimum amount of personal items.  Cameras and video cameras are allowed, flash photography is not permitted so fast film is recommended. Gorilla tracking is one of the things everyone must do before dying!